Crypto with Fiat

Gasless Transactions

Private & secure

Floxypay Decentralized wallet

Buy, send and receive Floxypay tokens

It’s available on every platform be it mobile, web or desktop. Floxypay equips you with -

  • Faster Transactions

  • Bulletproof Security

  • Fiat Support

WEB3 auth for seamless onboarding

Have it both, a user-friendly and decentralized account Go beyond Web2.5, provide non-custodial logins for your users to enjoy the true benefits of being on the blockchain. Powered by enterprise grade Multi-Party Computation (MPC) enabled key infrastructure.

Non-custodiality guaranteed for all users Set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to suit different needs and manage account security with different thresholds.

Gasless Transactions

Now pay zero gas fee while buying, sending or receiving any floxypay token.

  • Zero transaction fee

  • Faster transaction

Get started in 3 simple steps

It only takes a few minutes

Open floxypay wallet either via web or install the app

Click on get started and login

Start buying, sending and receiving Floxypay tokens

Download the App

SCan the QR Code below to install the app on your iPhone or Android smartphone